On two wheels or four, two legs
or more, we move London.

With friendly nods and quick
tuts. Hill starts and squeaky brakes.
Sharp breaths and long sighs.
Conspiratorial winks, raised fingers,
high fives and thank you waves.

Up roads and down tracks, via
puddles and potholes, over canals
and under the shadow of landmarks
others use to define us.

Well-trodden suburbs
and well-oiled innards. High rises and low
lives. Glamour and squalor. Whizzing,
wheeling, cruising and perusing.

On and on, round and round.
Until we’re separated by
nothing more than mileage
and our mobility.

London is our playground.
Not our battleground.
And these are our rules.

Be skilled, be calm,
be patient, be proud.
Be respectful.
Be human.

And always remember:
We’re all Londoners.
And together,
this Christmas,
we move London.